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Personal Protection / Self - Defense

Programs & Seminars

Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts is pleased and proud to present their proprietary, trademarked and revolutionary RIPSTRAKE Personal Protection/Self-Defense Program(s) specially designed for Men's or Women's Self-Defense and Child Safety.

 Where many Self Defense seminars/programs focus on eye pokes, knees to the groin and other over-simplified and superficial solutions to complex and detailed problems, the RIPSTRAKE Personal Protection/Self-Defense Programs are extraordinary and revolutionary in that RIPSTRAKE is both a well-thought out and carefully conceived conceptual approach, and a set of physical tools in itself that combines its many elements synergistically to greatly improve survivability in any dangerous situation.

As was pointed out in the movie “Rocky”, there is a difference between “a great fighter” and “one who fights great”… The “great fighter” is highly trained, skilled and conditioned and possesses the poise and polish of an experienced professional whereas “One who fights great” has a few raw tools and a tenacious will to win that carries them to victory. Our AFFKbJ Martial Arts program is where we build “Great Fighters” with hundreds of hours of dedicated training. Our RIPSTRAKE Program however, is designed to VERY QUICKLY give our students the physical tools they can use to ensure their safety. These methods are easy to remember, simple, direct and very effective. Very importantly, however, the RIPSTRAKE Programs are simply unsurpassed at first teaching, emphasizing and showing you how to develop the mental, emotional and psychological skills and appropriate mindset to avoid, defuse and/or survive and escape any number of self-protection/self-defense situations.

 At Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts, we excel at designing RIPSTRAKE Personal Protection/Self-Defense Programs/Seminars specifically for individuals, families, groups and corporations.

Please contact us for info on how we can customize a seminar just for you, your friends, family and/or group!

 Don't make the mistake of thinking that you will never need the skills we can teach you. And don't make the mistake of thinking that all self-defense programs are created equal… they certainly are not. We have said for years and whole-heartedly believe that people might be safer with ZERO training than to employ with false confidence the training from 99% of the Self Defense Seminars/Martial Arts classes out there! The "REAL THING" COULD happen to you... and we want you to be prepared!

CONTACT US TODAY to schedule a RIPSTRAKE Personal Protection / Self-Defense Program-Seminar for yourself, for your group, or for your company or corporation. Your friends, loved ones and co-workers or employees will thank you for it!

Did You Know?...

  • 1 of every 4 female college students will be raped or sexually assaulted by the end of their freshman year! And, what's even scarier is that typically only 1 of every 5 rapes is ever reported. (according to FBI statistics)
  • A violent crime is commited every 22 seconds in the United States and Men are attacked 25% more often than women!
  • The violent crime rate in Springfield, Il is more than three times as bad as the state average! Your chances of being attacked if you commonly spend time in Springfield is 1 in 50!


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