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Childrens / Juniors

Ugottawanna Warrior Program

Children (like the teens and adults) who become a part of the Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts family are destined to succeed in life because we teach them about goal setting, self-esteem, discipline, attitude, respect, commitment to excellence, perseverance and other vitally important life skills.

Unlike many other “Martial Arts” schools that emphasize dance like katas, forms, musical forms, traditional weapons and pointless "games", the Juniors American Freedom Form Kenbo-Jitsu Program is designed to truly change you child's life! While our classes are relatively informal and fun, we are very serious about equiping children with an “I will not be a victim” mindset and the tools and tactics to enable them to defend themselves from harm in its many forms (whether it be physical attack, emotional abuse, psychological manipulation, child abduction, drugs, gangs, peer pressure, etc.)

Just a few of the traits children learn in our unique and award winning program:

  • will help them maximize their efforts and do well in school
  • will help them deal with peer pressure and stay clear of drugs and other harmful behaviors
  • will help them develop physically and mentally to maximize their unique potential
  • will teach them effective personal protection self-defense skills that will help them deal with physical and emotional attack or bullying, child abduction and perhaps save their life
  • will help them to succeed in all aspects of their life

Every parent wants the best for their child, but how do you prepare them for all the challenges that they face in today's world? How do you teach them the motivation, discipline, and proper attitude for success? It's not an easy task because this type of education is not found in our schools. And it's certainly not found on the soccer field! It's not even found in our community organizations. That is indeed a shame, because child psychologists have confirmed that teaching children the basic tools of success like goal setting, motivation and self-esteem at a young age can have a tremendous impact on what that child accomplishes in later life!!!

Over the years, we have seen many, many children benefit from our positive and unique approach to children's programs; "Overweight" kids who lost a few pounds and gained athleticism and a whole bunch of newfound confidence and self-esteem; "Smart" kids who, bored with school, learned to set goals and reach higher; "Wild" kids who learned how to focus and channel their energy in a more positive direction; and "Shy" children who gained confidence and new friends.

The Juniors Ugottawanna Warrior Program is taught using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build Self-Esteem, Confidence, a Ugottawanna Attitude, Discipline and a set of core values known as Mr. Cunningham's New Millennium Esoteric Principles.

At Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts, we understand and appreciate the need for children to learn real physical and emotional personal protection skills better than most and we strongly emphasize the ability to effectively defend oneself from harm in its many forms. However, we also want you to understand that there are many additional benefits to be gained from involving your child in our program. Our unique Juniors Ugottawanna Warrior Program is fun and designed to build our kids from the "inside out" by:

  • Instilling a positive Ugottawanna Attitude
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Showing the importance of Desire and Motivation
  • Teaching Self-Discipline
  • Teaching the importance of Good Values and Strong Character
  • Instilling Respect for Themselves and Others

By embodying these principles in our children's classes, we have made a strong commitment to today's youngsters. Our goal is to build our kids from the "inside out". This means that our first goal is to build self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem. Once our students are armed with these characteristics, they will participate and fully apply their best effort with the "Yes, I can" Ugottawanna Attitude. We also understand your desire to have a child that will use common sense before using his or her skills for self-defense. Our students maintain a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy outlook on life.

One of a parent's biggest concerns is that their child will become a follower, in today's world more than ever (peer pressure, drugs, bullies, etc). Each and every student at Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts is being groomed every class to not just be a leader, but a strong leader that others want to follow!

We are proud to help parents develop children who embody this "Way of the Ugottawanna Warrior" and we truly believe that in this way we are fulfilling our goal of:

Making America Stronger... One Black Belt At A Time !!!

Help Make Your Child a Leader!

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