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 Cardio H.I.T. C.A.T. Kickboxing

(High Intensity Training–Cardio And Toning)

Our philosophy with this highly acclaimed program is to play great music, hit the bags hard and challenge you so much every night that you keep coming back for more. The incredible results and growing popularity speak for themselves! We strive to make every class a little different to eliminate potential for monotony and to keep your body and muscles guessing. Classes typically utilize exercises that resemble boxing, kickboxing, P90X, Insanity, Cross Fit, Yoga and Pilates blended in a dynamic, challenging and fun way to get you into the best shape of your life. Our instructors and members also serve as a support group that will prove invaluable in your efforts to stay motivated in times where “self”-motivation/discipline may lack :-) The biggest mistake people make is thinking they need to get in shape before they can come get in shape… The program has been set up in such a way that anyone, whether you’re a beginner wanting to lose 50 lbs or a veteran marathoner, you will feel like you just had the workout of your life without feeling like it was impossible. Our HIT CAT classes are currently for women only. Our members are not “Stepford Wives” in sports bras and spandex daisy dukes, but moms, students, teachers, doctors, nurses and other professionals that come every night to improve themselves and contribute to a fun, exciting, supportive, non judgmental environment where everyone grows (and shrinks :-) ) Classes are wildly inexpensive, so come check us out!

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