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About Us / Philosophy

At Cunningham’s Ugottawanna Martial Arts it is all about family. Not just because it is proudly family owned and operated, but because our students and members truly become family. We have worked tirelessly to build a school that offers exciting and beneficial programs for literally every member of our community regardless of age, shape, size, gender or personality. Our programs are not strictly for the conditioned competitive athlete (although we certainly have a place for you), but for professionals and tradespeople of all occupations, children, teens and/or retired individuals who have a desire to have fun and improve their lives. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed customer service to ALL people who either:

Desire to take advantage of our clean and modern 24 hour Family Fitness Center, which is equipped with the best in cardio equipment, the newest universal gym and weight machines, ample free weight equipment to accommodate the needs of all levels of fitness clients, and open floor space for ab work, lunges, etc.

Or those (women AND men) who want to challenge themselves and improve their cardio-vascular fitness level, improve muscle tone and increase metabolism (regardless of their current fitness condition!) by becoming a Ugottawanna HIT CAT (High Intensity Training Cardio And Toning) Program member.

Or those who wish to take advantage of the REAL EXPERTISE and PASSION of our experienced and professional Black Belt staff and join us in an exciting Martial Arts journey featuring the revolutionary American Freedom Form Kenbo-Jitsu Hybrid Mixed Martial Arts System (which integrates concepts, principles, and techniques from Kenpo, Boxing and Jujitsu) to learn practical, effective, no-nonsense self-defense in a positive atmosphere of friendship and fun.

Or those small groups or large corporations who contract with us to custom design and present, according to their special needs, our popular RIPSTRAKE Personal Protection / Self-defense Programs and Seminars for men, women's self-defense and/or child safety, etc.

We are very proud to offer highly acclaimed Martial Arts programs for adults AND children, and the quality and practicality of our American Freedom Form Kenbo-Jitsu Hybrid MMA System has attributed to our being able to boast one of the best and most trusted adult programs in the area.

The goal of the American Freedom Form Kenbo-Jitsu System and the mission of Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts is to provide a modern, "today's world" approach to... (and a VERY STRONG EMPHASIS on...) practical, effective, no-nonsense self-defense while continuing to foster "traditional" values. Toward that end, we seek to offer a challenging and rewarding learning experience that encourages individual initiative and personal growth and development. We strive to develop soundly well-rounded Martial Artists as well as totally well-rounded People. Foremost, ... We Teach Practical and Effective, No-Nonsense Self-Defense! Our core training philosophy is DIRECTED at that purpose. Classes are structured but relatively informal. Discipline, Attitude and Respect remain hallmarks of our structure, but we believe that a more informal, less militaristic atmosphere fosters open communication and a better overall learning environment. Open communication contributes greatly to the student's ability to understand what it is that he or she is doing and why he or she is doing it (as well as allowing the instructors to adapt it to the respective student's particular physical characteristics, athletic capabilities, etc.)

Precisely because the American Freedom Form Kenbo-Jitsu Hybrid MMA System is a modern "System" of Martial Arts, it is intended to remain "alive" and adapt and evolve with today's (and tomorrow's) changing martial and self-defense needs. We wear shoes,... speak English ... and direct and focus our training on "current", diverse and "real" Personal-Protection Self-Defense concerns and scenarios.

  "You don't have to be Great to get Started...

but you DO have to get Started to be Great!"

Please visit our other pages! Each program has its own page with more info, descriptions and a closer look at our unique approach/philosophy!

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